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Monday, April 24, 2006

After the Race

Well, my forecast wasn't as far out as I'd imagined, although I was surprised to see the McLarens struggle as much as they did. Mainly it comes down to the layout of the Imola track and the inability to overtake there. Various thoughts:

Honda: Bird, hand, bush - any of those words ring any bells? You haven't won a race yet, so just keep plugging away and score points when you can, not throwing them away ten metres short of the finish line. Put Davidson in the second Honda and run Rubens in the B-team. That would be a better use of his talents and give you an opportunity to evaluate Sato.

McLaren: Well done Monty. Still an anonymous performance, but you finished ahead of Kimi fair and square. OK, Raikonnen screwed qualifying but Montoya didn't put a foot wrong at all.

Ferrari: Did someone say Massa's race would be blown by slowing down Alonso? Well, Massa takes the Oscar for "Driver in a Supporting Role" and is another of those drivers that "could" have had a podium. Maybe we should ask the FIA to make bigger podiums? Oh, and a perfect race from Michael. I guess that's next year contract signed then.

BMW: Were you there?

Williams: Both cars finishing, and with only the Ferraris, McLarens and a Renault ahead of Webber, you can't expect much more than that.

Renault: How many races does Fisi have to do before we work out that the second Renault just isn't as quick as the other one? Cut your losses and give Kovalainen a go for a couple of races. Rosberg is already showing that experience isn't everything.

Toyota: Someone needs to understand that it's the end of the race that counts, not the start. Ralf seems to have the upper hand at the moment though, but sack the strategy man. Three stops on a circuit where you can't overtake? How often do you see that at Monaco? If you want to be radical, go for one stop.

Aguri: Good Bye Yuji. Please.

STR: What was expected. No more, no less.

Red Bull: Two retirements is just not acceptable.

Midland: At some point, someone has to ask what the point of this team is. Midland isn't a brand worth promoting and they always come last. But would I want to be on their pit wall? Of course. It's just that they really need to find a way to run a bit quicker, or show more passion, like Minardi used to. Currently, it's like Jordan without the humour and the parties.


At 5:33 PM, Blogger carl said...

Well done, those are my thoughts re. Ide, Rubens & Fisi.

At 11:46 AM, Blogger ZurichGnome said...

Thanks Carl, kind of you to say so!


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