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Friday, April 21, 2006

San Marino GP

As is customary, here's my preview of how the race will pan out.

The two Ferraris will start from the front of the grid, Michael heading off into the lead, with Massa lagging behind. Alonso tries to pass Massa but is forced to slot in behind and then looks increasingly frustrated as Schuey pulls away and he's also being hassled by Kimi. Button is also up in the leading group (again, Rubens was disappointing in qualifying) and then there's a small gap to Fisichella, then Montoya being hounded by Webber, Trulli and Heidfeld. Ralf tangled with DC at the Tamburello chicane on the first lap, both are out.

Rosberg made a great start after a disastrous qualifying and heads Rubens,JV,Klien and the two STRs and Sato, again running well ahead of both Midlands. Ide managed to confuse himself on the first lap and span off, ending his race and F1 career.

Back at the front Massa stops first, with Schuey having built a ten second lead, which starts to come down as Fernando and Kimi are unleashed from behind the red mobile chicane. The Ferrari and Renault stop together, Schuey maintaing a narrow lead, but Kimi carries on for three vital laps, retaining the lead when he comes out. Ten laps later he's out though, with a pile of smoking German metal behind him.

So it's Schuey from Alonso, Fisichella, Button and Webber, who simply outdrove Montoya at Tosa. It's simply a question of whether Alonso will pass Schuey at the second stop, but the Ferrari's carrying more fuel and stays out two laps more than the Renault. Game over. But the Spaniard is happy to have eight more points in the bag and Fisichella can be happy with third, only a few seconds behind his team mate.

Webber makes it to the finish a fine fourth, having passed Jenson at the second stop, although Rosberg suffered engine failure stopping what would have been two Williams in the points. Montoya again disappoints, but at least finishes, as does Trulli, just behind Massa in seventh, his race screwed by the strategy of sacrificing his race for Michael.

Disappointment for Rubens, hydraulics being the reason for retirement, but he never looked like showing. Heidfeld and JV finish line astern just out of the points, BMW aren't up with the big boys yet amd they're still racing Klien, Speed and Liuzzi. Sato again finishes, showing how much he has matured, starting rumours that he will be back in the Honda A-team before the season is out. Albers and Monteiro also both finish, but frankly, nobody cares.

Schuey is delighted to be able to make his trademark jump on the podium, and has also taken Senna's pole record, almost 12 years after the Brazilian died at this very track. Very poignant.

Complete fiction of course. Or is it?


At 2:31 PM, Blogger Aashirwad said...

I wouldn't be surprised to see Schuey throw his race away at Rivazza like he's (almost) been doing the last few years.

At 10:09 AM, Blogger deo gratias said...

hopefully not all fiction... seems we have got another tifoso here?

At 11:27 AM, Blogger ZurichGnome said...

Well, I might admit to being a tifoso! I certainly support Ferrari, but thought that that Schuey going off into the distance with Massa holding up Alonso was definitely on the cards at a track where you can't overtake (so why go there?). Not too far off as it turned out. And Ide's first lap error also covered!

And thankfully Schuey didn't throw the race away, not even at Rivazza!


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