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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Off the record

I met up with the pitpass editor, Chris Balfe, for a few beers last night. I was working in London, so it seemed an ideal opportunity to catch up on all the F1 gossip.

Sadly, most of the gossip has to stay off the record, after all we don't want to be sued to high heaven like Tom Rubython, proprietor of Business F1.

I came away from the meeting thinking two things. The first is that Chris certainly knows how to drink beer. The second, and more important aspect, is that pitpass is an amazing site, especially given the resources available. Chris has built two of the ten most popular F1 sites, and pitpass is probably the most respected of the independent sites. It's also become the de facto source for A1 GP news, although Chris does not receive a penny for this.

And although pitpass has had up to 190,000 readers in a month (not hits, readers!) we're struggling to find a way to generate cash from the site. If anyone has a business model that might work, please let us know.


At 9:15 AM, Blogger carl said...

Hi Gnome, I read Pitpass daily, and the days before the GP I enter twice or more. There might be other sites with more quantity of news, but here i find the right mix of humor, respect, opinion and technical knowledge. The quiz is also amaizing. In case they (or you) ever need any kind of translation into spanish, I'd be glad to help always.


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