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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Brickyard here we come

Well, I'm back again after a couple of unexpected absences, so apologies to any of you that missed my ramblings over the past week or so.

I feel bad about not doing a forecast for the Canadian GP, but it strikes me now that there's no reason not to do it after the race, so here's a condensed version:

Renault will line up first and second on the grid, but Fisi will shoot himself in the foot by jumping the start (incurring a penalty) and still lose a place. JPM will brave it out with Schuey and will be so fired up by getting past that he suffers red mist and tries to get past a fast starting Rosberg on the second lap. Nico, won't use his mirrors though and both will suffer. Schuey will run long stints, moving up the field and will benefit from a silly mistake by Kimi, allowing him through into second. Nobody will look like getting near Alonso all weekend though.

This weekend, the circus moves down to Indianapolis, one of those must see sights. If you ever think of going there, don't forget to check out flyawaycafe for up to date travel tips. Actually, have a look evenif you're only going down the road to the shops.

Indy is, of course, the scene of last year's fiasco, of which we do not speak. So let's just hope that the boys put on a good show, and there's plenty of out-braking attempts into turn one.


At 12:56 PM, Blogger Ste said...

Good prediction, although I'd probably also predict that Villeneuve, at his home race, will do relatively well, but end up in the wall after a bit of trouble because he goes onto a slippery part of the track.

Keep up the good work, I enjoy reading your blog!


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