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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

World Championship

I'm not generally in favour of countries hosting more than one GP. But the news that Japan may have a race at Suzuka next year gave me a warm feeling. And it made me think that we currently have really is a World Championship, albeit with a heavy European bias. I'd like to see Argentina back to host a second South American GP though and that made me wonder what would be the ideal mix of GPs.

The real problem would be which European GPs to axe. Personally I'd base it on the circuits which generate the best television, so Spa would be in, as would Monaco and Monza, and for some reason, Silverstone. But what about the Nürburgring and Hockenheim? Barcelona and the Hungaroring? Hungary doesn't really qualify as an Eastern European GP any more, so scrap it. Magny Cours? Get rid of it just because of that stupid change to the last corner they made a few years ago. And because it's in such an inaccessible place in the middle of nowhere. Sorry, in the middle of France. Imola? Just give Ferrari ten points and don't bother going.

It's a shame that Kyalami has been rebuilt as an African race would be great, maybe they could have a street race at Durban like the A1 GP had? And much as I don't like the trend towards Tilke designed circuits, it does at least allow us to claim it is a championship of the world, not just part of it.


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