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Friday, May 12, 2006

Spanish GP Forecast

Montmelo is a circuit where overtaking is difficult (why do we bother saying that) and as everybody tests there so much there's very little scope to suddenly pull speed out of the bag or find a new sneaky way to pass someone. So the focus will be on long first stints, with a decision taken on the number of laps planned for the second stint depending on traffic and track position.

Consequently all the cars will be running very heavy, except Toyota, whose management insists they try something different (but wimp out from four stops). Alonso takes pole, with Michael alongside and Kimi third. Massa does well to take fourth ahead of Button, Fisichella, Montoya,Trulli, and Barrichello. JV will be starting from the back after the "dropped engine" incident and isn't lookinh happy, but then neither is Heidfeld, 13th behind Ralf and DC. Inexplicably, Rosberg had problems and only lines up 14th.

Predictably, Alonso scorches off into the lead, Michael aggressively tries to hold Kimi back but doesn't manage it, but Massa holds back to let him stay third, which throws the quick starting Webber; there are clouds of tyre smoke but all the front runners make it through turn one: Fernando, Kimi, Schuey, Fisi, Massa, Trulli, Webber, Button, Montoya, Rosberg and Rubens. There's long faces in the MF1 camp as neither car makes it to the end of the first lap when they touch unnecessarily.

Schuey seems to be struggling to keep up and is five seconds behind after 10 laps. A small gap to Mass who is holding up the rest of the train. Five laps later and the Toyotas are in, there won't be any points for them today. Schuey gradually seems to be making progress, and his lap times are coming down. Only two seconds behind when the two leaders stop, and Schuey stays out for a couple of laps. As he exits the pit lane it's going to be close, and Alonso is alongside as they go into the first turn. Schuey uses all the tarmac, forcing an irate Fernando on to the grass allowing Kimi through into second place. Webber got passed Massa in the first round of stops and is making good progress until the Cosworth cries enough. That could have been a good result for the Australian.

The second stops pan out pretty much the same, afterwards it's Schuey, Kimi and Alonso, not looking like he'll win his home race this year. Fisi is running by himself ahead of a lonely Jenson then Rosberg, Montoya and Ralf, who gets the last point when Rubens stops out on the circuit, apparently a sudden hydraulic failure.

Schuey is delighted to make it three in a row on a circuit where he didn't expect to win, and takes four points out of Fernando'd championship lead. Things are looking good for the rest of the year.


At 9:09 PM, Blogger netsharc said...

Sounds like an exciting race, too bad it's just your fantasy, and the reality will probably be not as great.

*Here's hoping Kimi wins!*

At 11:26 AM, Blogger Abhinav said...

er dont u bank on the "rubens-retires-due-to-some-problem" tag a bit too much?


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