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Monday, May 29, 2006

Silly, Michael

I'm not going to enter the debate on whether Mr Schumacher deliberately parked his car or not. I have no evidence to add, and I think it's all been said. OK, I am going to say something.

I don't think he did it deliberately, as in pre-meditated. If you understand the difference between murder and manslaughter, I think that's what happened. Michael entered the corner and braked a little harder than he intended, and realised he'd screwed his lap. And at that point, in a micro second, he considered stopping the car and before he knew it, he'd done it. He had no intention of doing that before he entered the corner, it was an automatic reaction to a set of circumstances. It was too late to complete getting the car round the corner without damaging the front wing, and he couldn't get reverse (it is difficult). He knew if he'd damaged the wing that the car couldn't be worked on before the race, so he couldn't go forward. That's the rules for you. So he had to stay where he was.

That said, it's no different to a football player, let's say the Arsenal goalie, Lehmann, during the Champions League final - taking down a striker when they are clear. It's not intentional, but happens in an instant and must be punished.

Thanks to all who commented on my predictions. I was wide of the mark as always. But was I? Montoya finished second, not first, and Webber was running well when his engine let go. So I don't feel bad about that. And I had Michael down as finishing fifth(!) only one place away from Rubens. Add the prediction that "On raceday, we'll see a clean-ish start, just a broken front wing near the back of the field" and I'm inclined to think it wasn't so far out. Maybe I should take up writing horoscopes!


At 5:04 PM, Blogger Conor said...

Actually he would have been allowed repair the car before the race if he'd damaged the front wing. The team would have to have replaced it with an identical part. That's why Massa didn't start with 3 wheels on his wagon.

At 6:05 PM, Blogger Ali said...

I strongly agree with you on this point. I have respect for Schumi as a driver though I'm not a fan (Kimi Raikkonen if you want to know), but I seriously believe the action was not premeditated.

Anyways, as for you predictions, they were pretty close to what you said but not in the way you (or anybody else) had expected. Who would have though that two of the top 3 drivers would drop out in a few laps? And seriously, Montoya's driving was good, but IMO it wasn't one that was going to win races.

At 12:56 PM, Blogger ZurichGnome said...

Sorry, I didn't mean they couldn't repair the car, but that he would lose grid places if they did that, so not really an option, althought that's pretty much how it turned out!

Yes, I can't really claim any credit for the predictions being close. Now if I'd predicted Schuey being relegated, I'd be tempted to buy a lottery ticket next week!


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