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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Power mad

The news that Max Mosley is determined to run roughshod over anyone that crosses his path isn't exactly surprising. But when the Sporting Working Group rejected Mad Max's proposals, the president responded by overruling them.

If he's entitled to do that according to the procedures of the FIA, I suppose that's fine and, as always with Max, his argument for doing so sounds reasonable in the extreme. Of course you can't go around changing regulations at will, but the point is that the regulations we're talking about are for 2008 and aren't agreed yet. And to say that the teams have signed up for those regulations is somewhat disingenious, because they only signed up when he announced that the deadline for entering the 2008 championship was the end of March, and if he didn't he would give their places to anyone else that cared to register.

I am the only one that thinks that as he gets older, he gets more like his father?

(Oswald Mosley was the leader of the British Fascist Party in the run up to World War II)


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