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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Twenty Two Entries

I don't get this. This year we have 22 cars on the grid, but apparently we have entries for 22 teams in 2008. That's 44 cars. My first thought was that there was no way there's enough engineering experience to get 22 teams up and running, but of course, we're only talking about one team, as the total number of entries is limited to 12 teams.

So that means 12 potential entries scrabbling for one free slot. Aguri Suzuki clearly knew what he was doing when he bust a gut to get on the grid this year. Because an F1 entry is a potentially valuable resource. Which is why Paul Stoddart is keen to come back, and I'd be happy to see that. But as I'd also like to see David Richards back with a Prodrive entry, I'd have to choose.

Those of you that know the way I think might guess what I'd opt for. I'd thank all the teams for their entries. Tell them there's no need for the $48 million dollar bond (or however much it is these days). And if they'd care to have their cars ready for 2007, they can run in a brand new series. It'd be called F2. And it would be for cars complying to 2008 F1 Technical Regulations.

Because I'd organise a new series, probably just in Europe, because that's the kind of guy I am. And the team that wins the championship in 2007, gets an entry for the 2008 F1 championship. And I'd keep running it in 2008 and onwards, with relegation and promotion for the worst team in F1 and the best in F2. Only if they want to, of course, because it might be commercial suicide.

Seems logical to me. I don't see how the teams could object (they'll have to test anyway if they're serious). Spectators get more chances to see real F1 machinery in action, not stupid GP2 cars. Circuits get more revenue...

..and there's a new set of TV rights to be sold off. Can I have them please? It was my idea, after all...


At 9:24 AM, Blogger Qwerty said...

Perhaps this is what Max had in mind when he suggested the Premier League style promotion and relegation system.

I don't think its a problem running 44 Formula 1 spec cars since the 2008 regs allow for the purchase of chassis. Think about it. No need for expensive factories and R & D costs. All the teams need do is find the operational budget. Teams would probably need to rent some wind tunnel time to fine tune their aero or fit bespoke little aero parts. No problems with that. Lots of universities with wind tunnels.

This is at least one aspect of the new rules that I like. In fact I'd wager the Division 1 league of you like, will probably be more exciting. Think of Champcars circa 1990s .

At 10:45 AM, Blogger ZurichGnome said...

Well if they do go for it I'm sure it would work. I think they still need to bring the costs down though, as there aren't enough sponsors around to pay for 22 teams to go racing.

But yes, lots of "Minardis" racing could well be better than Ferrari v Renault etc.


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