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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Testing again

As we're back in Europe now, it might seem reasonable that teams test more. But two things stand out. Most teams have a separate test team of mechanics and engineers that goes to the tests, so that the race team can concentrate on building race cars. And the weather in the UK in April is known for one thing - rain showers.

So the fact that most UK based teams were testing at Silverstone yesterday comes as a bit of a surprise. I'm not really sure what they expect to learn, because the British GP is not for another three months yet, and the changeable weather makes any results from testing a little ambiguous, surely. If they want to test rain tyres, why not go to the South of France and do the dry running, and then turn on the sprinklers at Le Castellet to get the track to the degree of wetness that you want to simulate? And put more cash in Bernie's pocket as he owns the superb test facility at the same time.

That approach made sense to me until I remembered where the next race is. The Nürburgring. And the 'ring in May is likely to have what sort of weather? You got it, showers. Those team bosses aren't daft you know...


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