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Friday, April 07, 2006

It can't be right, can it?

A question I'm often asked is "what would you do to make F1 fairer/more interesting". On pitpass, Chris Balfe has opened up the site to a talking point session that let's readers give their opinions, and there is now page upon page of response. You can see that on most F1 site bulletin boards too.

Everybody has their own ideas, some similar, some not. But what is worrying is that everybody thinks something (and I don't mean one thing, I mean a lot of things) needs to be done.

Can you think of another sport where that's true? And it's not motor racing that's at fault. NASCAR is fine, CART /Champ Cars is fine. Nobody there is talking about changing the rules. Sure you might think that a particular driver is useless at road courses, or a particular team is struggling to get the most from a driver/car combination. But nothing major

What would I change in F1? Lets see, starting from the front of the car: Front wings, end plates, tyres, wheel size, brakes, barge boards and winglets, engine, gearbox, rear wing and the diffuser. And on the sporting side: refuelling and tyre changes, race length, point scoring system, qualifying format and the restriction on teams entering.

Ask a football fan what they'd change and they might want a new player for their team, but not an entirely new set of rules. How can it be so hard? I know I've said it before, and I'll probably say it again, so sorry in advance. But not as sorry that I'll have to say it.


At 6:41 PM, Blogger Qwerty said...

Personally, the rules were fine until they changed (and continue to change) qualy from the old 12 lapper. Though I'd still prefer the unlimited laps of old. The current qualy although better than single lap leads to silly results such as a driver qualifying tenth has no time.

Grooved tyres, the constant mucking about with the aero, one set of tyres per weekend, one and now two race engines with attendant penalty, Hermann Tilke designed or modified circuits. All these screwed it all up even further.

If things remained as it were in 1997 then it would have been fine. If you recall the tail end of 1997 we had cars in the top ten covered by just one second in qualy. But then that was the year that had absolutely no changes to the regulations from the previous year. What it did was allow everyone to catch up.

It hasn't been as close since.

At 6:56 PM, Blogger patrick said...

On football - personally I think what is needed are triangular pitches, three teams on at once and five balls in play, but anyway.....

I'm in a bit of a minority, but really all I want to see is an end to refuelling and a control tyre, preferably one right on the edge between being a 'whole race' tyre and a 'half distance and pit' tyre.

Rules stability would be nice too - generally the longer the rules remain stable, the closer the competition becomes - changing the ball game always benefits those with the most money to throw at fresh solutions.

Nothing fundamentally wrong with the current rules beyond that...

At 5:21 PM, Blogger ZurichGnome said...

Thanks for the comments guys. That's setlled then, no changes, which might also keep costs down. And I like the specification of the tyre patrick, how they come up with that I don't know!


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