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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hear Hear

Good to read on pitpass that the GP at Monza is safe. Cars can run unsilenced for 37 days a year, which sounds like a lot to me. That's five three-day meetings, five two-day meetings and 12 test days.

What interested me was that F1 cars can make noise up to 130db, which is about 1000 times more intense than the noise a chainsaw makes, or 30 times more intense than a loud rock concert. I'm not surprised I've felt physical pain in the past. It's clear that one should wear ear protection in the vicinity of such noise sources, but I'm afraid I still can't bring myself to do it. I keep telling myself that's only when you're close, but the ears do ring for days afterwards.

As it's Easter, I won't be posting again until next Wednesday. by which time there may have been some occurences worthy of comment. Come back then!

Finally, I hope you have a happy Easter, or whatever it is you celebrate that allows you to eat more chocolate.


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