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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Come on Boys

I sometimes wonder who reads this stuff, but unless they follow F1 very closely, they (and I guess I mean you) must wonder what the hell is going on.

For a start there aren't many sports where a fan won't know how many events make up the championship. But in F1 it seems to vary from year to year. And then there are issues that cause pundits like me to go into orbit about various rounds of the series. So far this year I've ranted about Japan, Belgium and Italy, with a nagging suspiscion that something should have been said about the US GP after the tyre farce last year.

And now the British Gp is under discussion again. So that's about a quarter of the races being fiddled about with. we appear to have a bunch of money obsessed idiots sqaubbling over what will happen to one of the most featureless bits of land in England. I guess that's the problem with having a racetrack owned by a committee.

I stopped feeling sentimental about Silverstone when they remodelled Becketts, Stowe and Club corners. For all I care they can build houses on it. But then, there have been a couple of outstanding races there recently. Anyone fancy setting up a fund raising committee so we can buy it and run it ourselves?


At 9:55 PM, Blogger patrick said...

What makes you think Bernie would screw us around any less than he screws around all the other race promoters though?

Personally I think we should organise a committee and try and buy out FOM (although that might take a bank raid or 10 to pull off)


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