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Friday, March 24, 2006

More Testing

Interesting that the FIA want to restrict testing time to a limit of 30000km.

Last year, when a limit of 30 days was in place for all teams other than Ferrari, all the serious teams exceeded this amount. Six teams covered more than 40,000 km, but it has to be considered that a lot of testing would have been for tyre evaluation. At least half in fact, and probably more in the case of Ferrari, who were the only team running Bridgestones.

Next year, there will be a control tyre, and thus no reason to run race simulations with different types of tyre. So probably no team will need to run as much as 30,000. (And what incidentally would be the penalty if a team exceeds it by 1km? Exclusion for both drivers?).

So it's congratulations to the FIA for finally introducing a rule that won't adversely affect F1. Because it won't have any affect at all.

PS If teams have money, they could spend it on simulating testing with six-post rigs and windtunnels. So as a cost cutting measure it doesn't work either. I wonder how long they took to come up with the idea?


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