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Monday, March 06, 2006

Future Days

It seems wrong that less than a week before the start of a new F1 season, much of the news at present is about 2008 and beyond. Rumours that F1 bosses are to be given representation on the board of FOA, the company that owns the commercial rights to F1, and discussions about two potential new teams.

Surely, with new qualifying rules and technical regulations, we should be so excited that we're all making wild predictions and forecasts. Will Alonso keep his title even though he's signed for a rival team next year? Can Fisichella re-invent himself. Will the new tyre rules favour Ferrari? Will Minardi's (sorry, STR's) different engine configuration give them an advantage.

Instead, we're fussing about whether Eddie Irvine will be able to enter the sport or if Prodrive are building a new F1 facility. I think that's wrong and I hope the people at the FIA do to.


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