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Friday, March 10, 2006

First day in the Desert

So it seems that my forecast might have been wide of the mark. Obviously we don't expect to see many of the quick guys pounding round and round today, as teams are heavily into engine conservation now that each motor has to last two races. But I really hadn't expected to see a BMW at the top of the time sheets. As I'm in Switzerland, I'll refer to it as a Sauber, but Messrs Heidfeld and Villeneuve must be looking forward tothe qualifying.

It's also interesting to see the news on pitpass that the FIA has added another sticking plaster to the gaping wound that is qualifying. Apparently if a car stops during any of the three sessions it will take no further part in qualifying and will be returned to parc ferme. I think I can see how this will work, but it would be nice to have rules that are obvious as well as fair. For example, if a car suffers a gearbox leak, spraying oil on the track, it would be beneficial for a driver to pull over and stop so as not to make the track dangerous. But now I guess a driver would be encouraged to drive back to the pits so the team has a few vital minutes to fix the problem.

Last minute changes are seldom well thought-out. Please stop!


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