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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Bahrain Predictions

It's always pointless trying to pick which teams will do well at a particular circuit. It's even more pointless at the start of a new season when every team has new cars. And when the regulations have changed, well, what chance does a pundit have? So on that basis, here's my thoughts on how the race will turn out.

Renault will be the strongest challengers. I'm backing Alonso to win, with Fisi not too far behind on pace. Schumacher senior will also be right up there, and I'm picking him to be second on the podium behind Fernando. Third will be between Fisi and Button. The McLarens will suffer with reliability, even though Kimi will have put his McLaren on the front row of the grid. Neither will finish.

Trulli will head Ralf in the second half of the fight for points, possibly split by Massa if he doesn't make fifth, with Webber picking up the last point for Williams. Rosberg will start well but suffer with lack of experience in racing with pitstops. Rubens will suffer some unexplained problem and not finish.

The BMWs will struggle, and not make the top ten shoot out, nor score points. Heidfeld will be quicker than Villeneuve. They will be beaten by DC in the RB2, but Klien won't make it to the finish. The STR boys will be quicker than Midland. Midland will get upset about the engines STR are using and whinge to the FIA.

The Super Aguris will start last on the grid, Ide significantly behind Sato. Neither car will complete more than 15 laps but the team will still be happy to have got there.

Pure fantasy of course. But I'm curious to see how it turns out. And surely at least one prediction will turn out right!


At 11:33 AM, Blogger carl said...

Hi, looks like you've alreday seen the race! Just forgot that Ralf will unsuccessfully try to get Alonso out of track and that Sato will follow straight in the first curve bringing his mate out and finishing Aguri's day.

At 4:03 PM, Blogger patrick said...

Not bad! But both the McLarens and one of the Aguris did make the finish.


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