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Monday, February 13, 2006

The Third Man

With Steve Ryder going to ITV to cover the F1 season instead of previous linkman Jim Rosenthal, the news comes that Tony Jardine is also superfluous to requirements.

Now, Jardine has never been a favourite of mine but he's OK. The question is, are they going to do anything about James Allen? He is simply the most irritating commentator there is. I hate watching GPs in the UK and would happily tune to an Italian channel to watch instead even though I only understand 10% of it. I'm fortunate that I can watch the Austrian coverage from Switzerland (it has no advert breaks) as Heinz PrĂ¼ller just keeps quiet if there's not much to say.

But James Allen rabbits like an idiot. ITV really need to replace him. I'm available and believe me I spend all my time shouting at the TV when the commentating is wrong or slow, so it should at least be entertaining. Why not drop the folks at www.itv-f1.com a line and tell them? We should rest until James Allen's "Go, go, go" has become "James, Allen is gone, gone, gone"


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