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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Jo Siffert

We went to the cinema on Saturday evening and saw the Johnny Cash film, Walking the line. It was very good, but not the film I personally would have chosen.

For there is a film on release in Switzerland, about the life of Jo Siffert. It has the disadvantage for most Europeans that it's presented in the original language, which means Swiss German. And even most Germans struggle to understand that. Either way, it'll be out on DVD soon with subtitles so we can all understand it, and it'll be the film footage from old private super 8 cameras that will be most interesting.

I was a young teenager at Brands Hatch on the day that Jo Siffert was killed. That was the first time I'd been at a circuit when a driver died, sadly there have been more, and the pall of black smoke rising above the trees will stay with me forever. It's a reminder that we shouldn't forget about safety in racing. We shouldn't remove the element of danger completely, or racing becomes a pointless exercise, and "Seppi" wouldn't have wanted that.


At 1:34 AM, Anonymous Larry (BG) Burg said...

God bless Seppi. He drove Championship of Makes Prototypes like no other.


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