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Friday, January 27, 2006

Good News, Bad News

First the good news. he FIA have officially accepted Super Aguri's entry. Which means that the team now have six weeks to get the cars built, through the crash tests and transported to Bahrain. It must be frantic there at the moment. They're also planning to get to the Barcelona test which starts on Feb 21, so all I can really do is wish them luck. As I've said before, all they need to do is turn up, but even that will be a big achievment.

The bad news is that the race at Spa, the best circuit on the calendar, is still under threat. Given that normally you'd be able to book tickets for a major sporting event a long time in advance, it's a pretty poor show. Max and Bernie are always going on about the professionalism necessary to be active in F1. It's amazing how they are prepared to treat spectators though. They claim that contracts are in place - so that if anything goes wrong it's someone else's fault, but it seems to me to be basic supply chain management to have an alternative promoter in place. The FIA has a duty to all stakeholders to make sure that all races take place (and this is just about money, not safety). As a fan I'm not happy, if I ran a hotel nearby I'd be more annoyed, and if I'd already bought grandstand seats and airline tickets I'd be livid. Sort it out.


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