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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Well Well Well

You may have spotted on Monday that I was backtracking. When I noticed that Bernie was buying into the new CVC F1 operation, it didn't seem so likely that he was pulling a fast one. However could I have thought that?

Now today comes the news that Williams has signed the Concorde agreement and is therefore aligned with the FIA and Ferrari. Williams and Ferrari together are important, as that is now half of the teams that have won World Championships. Since 1979, only Ferrari, Williams, McLaren and Renault (nèe Benetton) have been victorious over a season. Ferrari and Williams being the two most successful teams in terms of championships won. So that means that the balance has now shifted significantly. Three months ago it was just Ferrari against nine teams. A bit like Indianapolis. But now the numbers are equal and the momentum is on the side of the FIA.

Not only that, the FIA seem to be making changes to the structure of the court of appeal. If Frank Williams has signed the Concorde agreement, then it must be a reasonable financial deal as there is no cannier operator in F1. The two goals of the GPMA were to obtain a fair distribution of the sport's cash and to achieve a degree of transparency in the governance of the sport. It looks like the first may have been achieved and progress is being made in the second. Step forward all of you that said it would end in a deal, not two separate series. I'm just surprised I lost faith in the Max and Bernie show for a couple of weeks. Shame on me.


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