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Monday, December 12, 2005

A Testing Time

Things are moving again. And by that I mean that most teams are out in the Spanish sun (and rain) testing the changes for next year. Yes, those changes that Mr Mosley thinks will reduce costs - despite the fact that the engine manufacturers have to build completely new engines at a cost estimated to be around $300 million dollars per team.

So, teams are testing with a variety of configurations. Some are running restricted V10s, others, like BMW and Ferrari are running V8s. And what's impressed me most is that the fastest V8 time has been set by none other than Jacques Villeneuve. Now I know that testing times aren't worth anything at all, but it's been a long time since I've seen Jacques' name at the top of any list, except perhaps most disappointing driver of 2005. But being quicker than the Ferrari, even at this stage? That's good.

I hope that Jacques has finally got to grips with my local team, and that come March, we'll see JV battling with teammate Quick Nick and getting regularly into the points. I don't like seeing ex-world champions running in the back of the pack and to see him running at his peak 1996/7 form would be welcomed by all.


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