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Monday, December 19, 2005

All Change

The silly season, when drivers start moving teams, gets ever earlier. It used to be the case that at around the time of the Italian GP in September, rumours would be rife about who was going where for the next year. But now, and it seems particularly where McLaren are concerned, changes are being made well in advance.

Juan Pablo Montoya signed with them for the 2005 season back in November 2003, and today McLaren have announced that Fernando Alonso will join them for the 2007 season. This opens up lots of speculation, as it means that either Kimi or JPM will be driving elsewhere. So speculation will no doubt mount that Kimi is off to Ferrari, which will only happen if Michael Schumacher leaves (retires?) at the end of next year.

And what about Renault? If Alonso is leaving, does that mean that the rumours about the French team quitting at the end of 2007 are true? Will Renault and McLaren have to restrict information that they give to the drivers that are leaving, and will that destabilize their title chances?

I guess that's why it's called the silly season. Personally I'm having enough trouble waiting for the 2006 season to start, without worrying about what's going to happen a year later.


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