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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Super, Aguri!

So we are to have a new F1 team next year. Actually we'll have quite a lot of them. Sauber becomes BMW, Jordan will be renamed Midland, BAR has been bought out by Honda and Minardi becomes Squadra Toro Rossa. And to join them will be (if they can build a car in time) the second Honda team form Japan; welcome Super Aguri.

An extra team on the grid is undoubtedly good news. It's just the name that gets me. I thought it was bad enough with Midland, which, to an Englishman, smacks of Birmingham and Wolverhampton, cities famed for their appalling nasal accents - yes, there is no such thing as an English accent, we have lots of them.

But "Super Aguri"? What's that about? Surely the Japanese can come up with a name that sounds halfway plausible, even in English. Thank God that Aguri Suzuki (who is an ex-F1 driver, let's not forget, and one of the best to come out of Japan) was not christened Barry or Kevin. Otherwise we'd have an F1 team called "Brilliant Barry", or "Cool Kevin" or something equally ridiculous. Actually there is an aftershave marketed in Switzerland (by a supermarket chain admittedly) called Cool Kevin, so maybe the Swiss need some naming lessons too.

Why didn't Aguri choose something like Samurai Racing or Bullet (after the train)? It's obvious why Aguri didn't use his surname (in traditional F1 manner) because of the motorcycle company. But a little more modesty would have gone down well. Or am I just being too English here?    


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