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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Cover Story

When I moved to Switzerland, much of the family horde of motor racing memorabilia was left behind in England. Most of it was left in the loft of the family home, but for some reason, some of our possessions remain strewn around the UK, with siblings, parents and friends. I keep promising myself I'll go back and sort it out but sometimes it never seems to happen. Maybe next year.

Anyway, it's been a while since I've seen the collection of Grand Prix programmes and books that have probably rotted away to nothing, so it was with great pleasure that I came across this site with it's collection of motor racing programme covers from around the world. It's a fascinating history of design, with loads of pictures of fantastic racing cars thrown in for good measure. Hours of fun.

The picture shows the cover of the very first Grand Prix I ever attended. Well, to be honest, I didn't actually go to the race, only to qualifying practice the day before. According to my mother's diary it rained on the day of the race, so I decided to stay at home and play with a friend instead. In my defence, I was very young at the time, and wouldn't contemplate such a thing now. I say that, but how many times this year did I opt to play golf instead of faithfully watching a Grand Prix live? More than once, which just goes to show that not much changes in this life, and if you check out the modern F1 programmes, you'll see that change is something that's really missing. Pretty well all of the recent programmes look the same, so I'm really glad that there are still enthusiasts prepared to share their work and show us that it wasn't always so.


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